What are wall stickers and what are they made of?

They are made from a very thin, strong matt self adhesive vinyl. This gives them the appearance of a stylish, hand-painted mural.

Do wall stickers stick to all wall surfaces?

They are best stuck to any smooth flat surfaces, such as plaster walls, glass windows, mirrors, tiles etc. If walls are too rough, such as textured walls, then the sticker may not stay applied. If applying to painted wall please note that they will stick down best when the wall has been painted with normal matt emulsion. Some paints known as low VOC, Zero VOC, easy wash, latex or stain blocker paint can be more difficult to apply wall stickers to because of their chemical properties (this list is not exhaustive).

I’ve just painted my wall. Can I stick my wall sticker on straight away?

You should wait at least 4 weeks before you apply your sticker. This will ensure your paint is totally dry so you can get the best possible results. However, all paint is different, so this is only a guide.

Can I take my wall sticker down and use it somewhere else?

Wall stickers are not reusable. Removing a sticker can cause it to stretch out of shape, meaning it won’t be suitable for reuse.

How do I remove wall stickers?

Remove your sticker very slowly and gently – if they are ripped off and not gently eased of the walls then damage can occur. A hairdryer on a very low setting can help soften the adhesive of a more stubborn sticker and assist with removal.

When will I receive my order?

Your wall stickers are cut to order, we do this so that we are able to offer such a huge range of variables, but it does mean that at busy times we ask for your patience while we process your order. Please allow 3-5 working days for dispatch.

My wall stickers haven’t arrived, help!

E-mail us so that we can get this sorted.